Saṃsāra - Concept I - by Balaa by Bagheera

Saṃsāra - Concept I - by Balaa


3 February 2016 at 12:25:49 MST

I had been wanting a saluki character for a very long time; I had some rough ideas for the character from years back, but when we finally created the character in 2015, she took on a life of her own and went in a very different direction than when I originally imagined. Which is perfectly fine, that's how characters are born. :>

While we were searching for a suitable name for her, Balaa Balaa saw a documentary titled Saṃsāra, and became immediately attached to that word. As we finalized her character's backstory, the name began to make sense, too.

Saṃsāra is from the same steampunk/fantasy world setting as Heru, Ithilgalad, Tyger Joe, and the likes. She left her home - her country (in a fictional Middle-East) - to escape a prearranged and likely abusive marriage. While crossing a vast desert to reach Europe, she became lost in the sand. Her body worn and exhausted, she followed what she thought was the sound of water, which turned out to be the sound of Írmo's dance.

Írmo was different from any man she had ever known. He did not make her feel lesser. Perhaps that was the reason she accepted his dance, when he offered to perform for her. As payment, Írmo took from Saṃsāra an heirloom given to her by her mother. She treasured the item greatly, but it also bound her to her old life and brought her pain. She cried when the heirloom was taken from her, but inside, she knew, this was the first time her heart truly felt free.

She woke next morn beside Írmo, and for the first time felt unashamed of herself and her body. Before sending her on her way, Írmo said unto her:

With each sunrise your heart will break,
but follow it you must,
for each night you will be reborn.

And so Saṃsāra did as she was told, and her path eventually led her to a foreign land where, she had hoped, would offer her a better life. But she would learn that people often are not kind to outsiders, and for the first time in her life she felt the humiliation of living in the streets.

Fortunately for Saṃsāra, those days were short-lived, for a mysterious power was at work in the city where she stayed, and she was come upon and taken into protection by Simoom. Saṃsāra became a performer in her Lady's house, renowned for her exotic and haunting voice when she sang. Many of her songs were inspired by her encounter with Írmo, and though she never mentioned him directly in the songs, they always cast a captivating spell over her audience. One can only speculate as to why that is. :>

Dated June 2015.

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