Remembering Unto the Morrow - by Balaa by Bagheera

Remembering Unto the Morrow - by Balaa


15 January 2016 at 06:57:35 MST

Mara, our little gazelle, has an interesting relationship with Balaa Balaa and I in the sense that she is at the same time both a romantic subject and a daughter figure to us. In the world setting they are in, slave trade is still a thriving business, though it was beginning to be frowned upon (and it's actually how Ithilgalad came to be introduced, as an escaped captive whom Heru saved).

Like Ithilgalad, Mara was also taken from her homeland, though at a much younger age. Simoom (who actually plays a part in the affairs of the mortals in this setting) is actually the one who freed her, and placed her in the care of Lady Balaa and Gentleman Bagheera (who manages Simoom's finances and other "trivial matters" that her Ladyship can't be bothered with xD )

Mara was raised in their house, and worked somewhat informally as the Lady's chambermaid. She and Lady Balaa share a particularly close bond; this picture is meant to capture one of those moments.

Dated July 2010.

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