Animal Crossing Adopts 1 Flatsale (OPEN) 3/9 by BadmashBlitz

Animal Crossing Adopts 1 Flatsale (OPEN) 3/9


19 April 2020 at 15:03:06 MDT

My partner FawndestMemories and I have been obsessed with the new animal crossing game and we've taken on the insane challenge of making a design for nearly every species in the game! This is page 1 of 4! I will be sending the funds to Fawn once payment is collected as we live together <3

Odds were done by me!
Evens were done by fawn!

  1. Red Velvet Vamp: $15 CLOSED- teddyboy1der- dA
  2. Ragtime: $12 CLOSED- Linzi- FB
  3. Lunar Ballet: $12 CLOSED- Linzi- FB
  4. Prissy Princess: $15 OPEN
  5. Nostalgia Nurse: $10 OPEN
  6. Conductor Squeak: $10 OPEN
  7. Candyman: $15 CLOSED- suparogue- DA
  8. Safari: $12 CLOSED- TheEclipticPrince- FA
  9. Flapper: $12 Closed- Syr on DA

Some basic rules

Reply to the corresponding comment below to claim.
First come first serve! I'll be checking the times if two people claimed the same adopt.
I send invoices through paypal.
I will be uploading these to toyhouse! If you have an account let me know and I'll transfer them to you!
Please do not hide your comments.
The buyer will receive the full res unwatermarked image of their bean!
You may make changes to this design once it's yours, just please credit me or fawn as the original designer.
You may purchase multiple.
You may sell them for as much as you've purchased them unless you've commissioned art for them, then you may charge more.
You are more than welcome to change the gender, species, shape, and bodyweight of your character and give them some personality!
Don't be afraid of tagging us if you draw them or commission art of them! We love to see what becomes of the designs we make <3