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17 December 2013 at 15:53:32 MST

Sadie Hogkins 8D Eh? EHHHH??

(God please tell me they still do those dances and you people know what they are and get this pun. Oh god oh god oh god)

Had myself some depressing days and wasn't getting work finished. I seem to be coming back up out of it and I'll have ya'll another piece up tomorrow (Finishing off a piece I took in the last stream. ;) Sorry you waited so long! <3)

Wife hasn't landed anything yet. So... yeah. We marked out first anniversary of marriage the other day. That was pretty good at least. <3 I'll let you wonderful people know when she finds something, of course.

But, enough talking about things that make me depressed! Here's SADIE!

I wanted a pig, dammit. Because pigs are cute. And I like to ignore their short fur and pretend they're just smooth cuties. So I get a "furry" character with skin. 8D Also adorable oinkings and squeals. So, Sadie happened!

Like it says in the image, she's very okay with herself and is generally just a happy go lucky pig! On being oblivious, while she's neither brilliant nor dumb, it's mostly like- insults and negativity go right past her. She bubbles on happily despite any nastiness from others, never really even processing it.

Bubbly and perky, going through life and just enjoying the experience of it without all the worry, Sadie doesn't entirely understand the last note of this poster- That she has miles and miles of top quality ASS! Do she got a booty? Oh god she got it and a few others' worth!

But that's pigs for ya. This one, however, doesn't really pick up on that "booty" concept. It's just part of her, as much as her belly or her nose or hooves.

And that's how I'd sum up Sadie! Just a cutie! <3

Sadie & art © DatBadger

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    I love this gal <3

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      She's a cutie patootie with a big ol booty. :>