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Hi, I'm baaleze!

I draw things, it's my hobby. I am not a professionnal artist.

I usually draw sexy stuff, because I like drawing it, but I can draw less sexy things (stupid/cute things).

So yeah thanks for passing by and reading this. Do not hesitate to comment or post a message, I'll always reply! I'll be REALLY happy to reply. Like a comment replying fetish or something.


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on 11 February 2014 at 16:37:36 MST

So yeah, hello Weasyl!

I already have a FA account, and I saw people moving to here. So I got curious, and here I am.
I am not moving from FA though. I'll be posting on both for now. And I'll see maybe one day I'll choose one.

What I'm hoping by posting here, is to get feedback. It's very important for me. I was getting some on FA and here too I hope. Maybe differently, maybe more maybe less I don't know.
Also sometimes I don't have ideas to draw. So it's nice to have people giving me ideas.

Also, browsing for inspiration.

Anyway, fell free to comment on the drawings, on this journal, on anything. I'll always amber, I promise.

For now I'll post my old art, not in one shot but progressively, along with new art. Hope you like what you see here :3


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