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A draren ( OC and original species) by B3rry (critique requested)

A draren ( OC and original species) (critique requested)


5 June 2020 at 07:42:48 MDT

This is a half-throwback - the original sketch is from 2014. It was a stressful period, where I had almost no time to draw. This is one of the few sketches I managed to make at this time. The original sketch was very simple, it took me less than 10 minutes. I lined it and coloured it digitally today.

I've just started learning about how to use a tablet to do lineart, so my lines are still wobbly, but I'm working on it ~
Same for colouring. I'm quite new to colouring so I'm not sure of what I'm doing with the colours here hahaha. Oh well, I guess playing with complementary colours is a safe bet.

She is a draren (just came up with the name, may change it later), a species that kinda looks like a siren but with dragon wings that are used to swim, like powerful fins. Her tail is not her main propeller, it's mostly useful for navigating with precision.

She breathes underwater so she's unable to discover what exists on the surface. She's forever trapped under the reflective surface of this lake.

Don't hesitate to give your opinion!

BTW, I have no idea of how to figure out the physics of hair movement underwater. If anybody knows a tutorial or a good folder of stock images referring to that, I'd be glad to check it out :)

Please do not steal it.

With love,

BTW English is not my mother tongue, so don't hesitate to correct some of my sentences if they are not perfect! That would help me :)
I'm also on deviantart :