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The Technicolour Doe by Azureran

The Technicolour Doe


15 May 2013 at 01:26:34 MDT

A little gift for the ever sweet and talented :iconClara: !

I don't do gift art often, but this ties in with a component of my art folio which involves Clara, and I was so damn inspired that it just happened. (This is also the reason why it was done on a very scrappy bit of paper that already had work/writing/paint on it. Recycling, yay!)

Fruize is sporting Azureran's mohawk, and quite frankly I think it suits her c;

This picture hasn't been modified or enhanced in any way, the watercolours I borrowed from school are just pretty darn vivid. Used some copic markers as well. I made a lot of mistakes and has some issues with bleeding, but it's all learning. The papers resting on my laptop screen (13") so you can get an idea of size.

Thank you Clara, for what you do. You've given me much to ponder.

And the stars danced in her eyes;

waltzing her way through life until she became one with the universe.

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    This is quite beautiful. :)

    The colors are so vivid and bright... I wish i could achieve that with watercolors.

    I'm only really good with PrismaColor markers and colored pencils. XD

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      Thank you!!!

      Yes, the watercolours I used are EXTREMELY vivid, haha, but that is from no skill of mine XD

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    This is very pretty!

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    Aaaah, what gorgeous colours! <3 Love the stars in the eyes and the braids in the hair <3

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      Thanks much! The stars are all Clara's design, but I though the braids might tie in with her aesthetic hehe :3