Azure ref sheet (clean) (Ladysnakebite) by azurehusky

Azure ref sheet (clean) (Ladysnakebite)


13 August 2017 at 21:30:36 MDT

Clean version of Azure's ref sheet. Cutting and pasting the description.

So, for those who keep up with me on Twitter and such, you'll know I'm going through a lot of changes in the past year! Specifically, I started hormones for transition about a year ago and have shifted into a more day-to-day public, femme presentation. I push for my pronouns now and am legally changing my name to the one I've been using socially for a couple years. I'm out as trans basically everywhere. It's been a big, lovely journey.

And it was just a piece of dysphoric unsettled-feeling that my character was no longer matching my presentation or my gender. So, it's time for Lobito to transition, too, to someone who's more closely matched with me and also doesn't have a name that smacks a bit of cultural appropriation.

So, hey, everyone. Meet Azure.

This amazing refsheet done by the incredible Lady Snakebite/Zelie (find them on Twitter here since their Weasyl page is inactive). Azure already feels much more like me than Lobito ever did. I'm happy.

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    The ref sheet looks great! And reading the description - I'm super happy for you! :))

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      Thank you!! I'm super happy for me, too. It's been a big, amazing year.