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30 June 2014 at 11:51:55 MDT

This is a cover of Josh Millard's "Rewrite" from his album Incohatery.

More info on the song here, plus the original version:

It's a powerful song and when I heard it in February, it really struck me as a very moving piece.

While Millard's version has a sort of a determined power behind it, I tried to go someplace a little different with my delivery, and bring in ways to express hesitation and uncertainty by the main character of the song. Whether that was successful is left as a judgement for the listener.

I was gonna write to you before
But then I changed my mind
And then I guess it changed again
Like a couple dozen times

I'm writing this to say
That I apologize
For the drinking and the yelling
And for all the stupid lies

What I know is that I miss you
But I don't miss all the fights
And I think that I've grown up enough
To see that you were right

That we just don't fit together
That we shouldn't even try
The only problem with us splitting up
Is how we said goodbye

So I'm trying out sobriety
I'm not sure that it'll last
But it's not like being hammered's
Been some awesome fuckin' blast

And I'm trying out some other things
That I didn't know I'd like
Like I'm reading my own poems now
At this local open mic

I've been keeping myself busy
Cuz that seems to keep me dry
I'd like to say that it's been easy
But I'm trying not to lie

And I'm trying not to blame you
And I'm trying not to dwell
And I'm trying not to feel like
Everything has gone to hell

I keep thinking that I'll see you
Just us passing in the street
And I get terrified and hopeful
At the prospect that we'll meet

But I guess I'm glad we haven't
Cuz I don't know what I'd say
"Hi, I love you and I hate you!
Have an awesome fuckin' day!"

I still haven't gotten used to
You not being there at night
And goddammit I'm just rambling
This isn't what I meant to write

I wish that we had worked out
Or that it didn't end so rough
I've said I'm sorry and I mean it
And I hope that that's enough

Every time I try to write this
I start but don't know where to end
I better seal this up and mail it
before I change my mind again

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