Hello! I am Az_the_Owl, long time Fur Affinity user that got squeezed out by the massive "password change" train wreck. So I grabbed all my stuff and I'm moving it here. Don't be shy, say hullo. I'm looking for folks to be friends with and exchange comic ideas and critiques.

My main project is a comic called "Wulf Mountain", it's my baby. My fiance and I work on it together, and I'm moving it here to Weasyl even as you read this. Five pages in the morning, and five in the evening so the site doesn't get spammed out with my rather primitive art. But give it a read won't you? I think you'd like it if you're into wolves, tribal societies, or ancient architecture.

Wulf Mountain Comic Chapter Links!

Prologue: Prologue (4 Pages)

CHAPTER 1 "Rise of the Spear"
Part 1: Rise of the Spear (17 pages)
Part 2: Little Soohalo (4 Pages)
Part 3: Carvingclaw's Mate? (5 pages)
Part 4: The Star Festival (12 Pages)

CHAPTER 2 "Those Who Hunt Wolves"
Part 1: Those Who Hunt Wolves (4 Pages)
Part 2: Meeting of the Blackhoods (14 Pages)
Part 3: Demonclaws (27 Pages)
Part ?: Gratuitous Sex Scene (13 pages)
Part 4: Fighting For Love (?? Pages)

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Wulf Mountain Caught Up

on 16 June 2016 at 17:45:11 MDT

Okie Dokie! The Wulf Mountain comic is all caught up and up to date with everything that has been drawn on it so far. There's some smidgens of practice art, posing, uncolored test art and some smut--- but we'll save that for another day in the future. I hope you enjoyed what we've got so far, and look into more as we go. Don't forget to leave comments, so we know there's people looking at Bri and I's stuff! We worked hard to make Wulf Mountain, so it's nice to hear what you folks think!


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    Stranded from furaffinity?
    I left the place too after the password incident.

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