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Anchor Wizard


9 January 2019 at 11:56:38 MST

Commission for Doveen and illustration for my own D&D lore book. Mendy Ninetalons is a tabaxi necromancer wizard of the Tower of Anchors. The lore is basically what I wrote on Reddit, so I just copy-paste it here fgor those who might be interested in it:

The Tower of Anchors is one of the three wizard spires of the Free Republic of Hargeldom, seated deep in the Hargel Marsh. The tower practices "white" necromancy, which means it focuses on how arcane necromancy can be used to heal wounds. As divine magic is often untrustworthy, due to the whims of the gods, Archwizard Asclecius looked for an alternate solution in arcane magic. His experiments and new way of using necromancy attracted a lot of young wizards and sorcerers, and the tower eventually got erected in the Marsh - where most peasants and common folk couldn't go with torches and pitchforks without getting swallowed by the marsh itself. As the Tower of Anchors was a great help in the Rift Wars, the tower got officially recognized by the dukes and barons of Hargeldom and now it operates under law.

So the base idea belongs to my player who wanted to play a support/utility type of necromancer, so I homebrewed a lot of stuff for this to make it work and don't break the balance. The censer in the character's hand is an actual item that can be used as an arcane focus and the incenses burned in it can be infused with magic, giving advantage on a skill or ability check or posing effects on certain type of enemies - like burning sage in the censer stuns fiends for 1 round on a failed a Con save. The outfit of the Anchor Wizards was mainly inspired by plague doctors. The anchor as a symbol comes from the lore of the world, as Asclecius were originally a Fishermage, a long dead arcane tradition from the time when Hargeldom was nothing more than just a bunch of fisher clans along the river.

I hope you like it :3

Character belongs to Doveen.

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