Happy Little Accidents by azsola

Happy Little Accidents


18 December 2016 at 12:24:49 MST

Holy sheit, I'm a still alive.

My handsome charriror, Rovek still spends too much time around the Meatoberfest. He's became a pretty massive tank at least - just gotta find a fitting armor for that gut.

Yeah, I know, another sunset in the background, but my main idea was to stick with the base colors of the Ascalon maps in Guild Wars 2, wich is this violet-orange mix - always perfect to make sunsets from these colors. I experimented with some less direct light this time and I tried to apply the violet colors of the sky to the armor.

I used reference for the pose. Title by furthertiger furthertiger and from the lot of Bob Ross videos I watched recently.
I hope you like it!