Travel Pillow by azsola

Travel Pillow


12 December 2015 at 15:44:26 MST

An early birthday gift for my dear friend, Zedex Zedex!

After a probably long day, Zedex and Regil travelled home and Reg found the most comfortable way to sleep on the bus - a big and soft belly!

This piece actually has a little personal story from my side - there was a night when I dreamed almost exactly this scene and after I woke up my initial though was I need to draw this - and Zed's birtday will be here soon, so the timing was nearly perfect. Since my pre-exams started this Monday, I am under a lot of stress, but working on something personal gave me some relief every night when I finished with college stuff.
It was really fun to work on this and Zedex gave me a lot of help and support!

I hope you like it!

Zedex belongs to Zedex Zedex!

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    that does look like a comfy belly to nap on

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      It is really comfy indeed! Soft and warm.

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        I need that type of thing.

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    a soft belly from a friend is a good idea as it helps you sleep better and helps keep you both at ease and in good terms

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      And in addition, it's warm and soft :P

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        very true on that and that keeps him happy