Winter Padding by azsola

Winter Padding


21 November 2015 at 16:31:40 MST

Regil seems to have a good time, preparing for the cold season.

Some personal stuff I made today to relax a bit. I speaked with Plant-lady about I'll draw his cute dragon, Centari one day and well... the day has arrived, I had the mood to draw some fat stuff with him and Regil.

Time to get back to my last reamining commission... and college stuff.

Centari belongs to Plant-lady


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    well don't eat too many donuts at 1 time as it might end up the wrong way when you'd have nature calling just saying

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      Let's hope the dragon stomach can handle those donuts.

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        that would be interesting that's if his stomach can hold them all

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    Winter padding is the best padding!

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      Damn right! :P