Heedless Adventurers by azsola

Heedless Adventurers


12 June 2015 at 17:22:21 MDT

A little fun pic, featuring zedex and my new OC, Iscel, who is the same dragon species like Zedex, just with a few differences ^^ Those silly dragons, venturing into forgotten ruins and they don't even realize when they walk into a magical trap, unlike their clothes. :P

I started this piece before my exams, but I couldn't manage to finish it until now. Originally, I wanted to practice three-point perpective for my Drawing-Painting class' exam (and it was a fortunate thing that I practiced it, because I got a god damn installation with three-point perspective at the exam). I still need a lot to learn, but I guess this was a good start.

I hope you like it!
Photoshop, X+1 hours, where X is a natural, positive number.


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    Amazing as always!

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      Thank you very much! ^^