Silly Ness by azi (critique requested)

It was hard to get used to being summoned. For Nall it started as a gentle nagging in his head, with a destination and an urge to go somewhere. Often he wouldn't be ready so he would be forced to let the pressure build, until he was inevitably whisked away in a flash of light, the marten twisting and wriggling as his destination world faded in around him.

Today, the familiar spirit had found himself summoned into a bright room. A harsh fluorescent light touched him from high above and the floor below, and he could see that he was in a glass box with strange symbols carved into it, surrounded by bars of cold iron. Little holes were occasionally cut into the surface; outside it there were bright walls and the strange machines of a laboratory. Nall could also see a happy raccoon person with square glasses, his nose pressed up against the glass as he curiously looked inside.

"It worked! That's amazing. Hi there, little fairy creature."
"Um. Hello! I'm the familiar you asked for, but- er, I seem to be trapped in here," said the marten. He wasn't a fairy creature really, but he let that one slide; the sealed cage was more pressing. "Can you let me out? I can't really help you do magic from in here! Plus I'm really nice, I haven't eaten anyone for days! … that's a joke, it's not-"
"Magic? That's not what this is. I'm doing science! Just wait there, you'll see soon enough."

Before Nall could respond, the floor started to flicker and pulse with colours and patterns of light, and he couldn't pull his eyes away from it. A quiet calmness spread over his mind, interrupting his thoughts; the marten's legs gave way and he flopped onto his belly, nose and face pushed against the shiny floor so all he could see was the light. For a moment, he thought he heard a computer's voice, but he couldn't hold onto the words or what they meant. It seemed at first like hypnosis, but much more invasive than that!

After a period of blankness, the light became quicker and more irregular. The familiar could feel strange thoughts awakening as the light jumbled his mind, linking his memories and ideas together in ways he didn't quite understand. How long had he been befuddled? Nall wasn't sure any more, it could have been hours or days or longer. All he knew for sure was what the light told him, the ideas which it wrote over his normal thoughts

A new realisation bubbled up inside him, along with an itchy dissatisfaction that something wasn't right. Nall felt himself thinking it, but he couldn't take it back; he was too big. Why was he so big? The marten took a deep breath, before his own magic began to eagerly shrink him down and down and down. It make no sense to resist, therefore he didn't. The tingly sensation spread out from inside, grabbing him from every side and squashing him steadily all over. From a foot and a half long he became just two inches tall, a tiny creature within the giant cage, unaware of the raccoon watching on with a giddy little delight.

That wasn't all that Nall had to change to become how his mind believed his regular self to be. The feral creature let his legs and arms grow, though his body and head shrank and his tail became thinner to better match the proportions of an anthro marten. So tiny and small, he became sleeker and narrower as the heavier marten shape was dropped in favour of a slinky, sneaky weasel shape. His brown fur turned black and fluffy, quite different from the cream of his belly. Finally, thin and colourful gossamer wings pushed from his shoulder blades and fluttered down against his back, making him as a small fairy weasel.

Nall's physical identity had been overwritten quickly, but to adjust who he was inside would take quite a bit longer. The weasel lay quite still, drooling gently as changes poured into his mind, his limbs and tail and ears twitching slightly as his brain continued to adjust. From the changes he no longer needed to sleep or blink, so all he could do until the process finished was watch the light and feel himself change...

The light underneath the fairy weasel had gone out after a few hours, but the little fuzzy shape was still not moving. The raccoon came back in, booping his big nose against the glass once more.
"Now that's more like it! What's your name, cute fairy? I'm Ness," he said to the quiet weasel. It took a minute or so before the response came back; "I'm- I'm Oreo," said the gentle voice, sitting up and turning its head towards the raccoon at the glass. "Ooh, sorry Ness, I think I zoned out for a bit there."
The raccoon grinned widely and pushed a button somewhere underneath where Oreo was sat, such that the top of the cage opened. Large paws reached in and brought the weasel out of the cage, being careful not to touch the iron bars.

"I know what you want me to help with! It's really obvious now, can I do it? I really want to, that's what you've made me to do, it's going to be lots of fun," said the fairy, happily dancing about and looking up at Ness, that cute guy with his lovely big warm nose.
"Hm? In a moment, I'm still really surprised that worked at all! I came up with an idea for a little fairy weasel, took a lot of work to make you real, yet here you are..."

Oreo wasn't really listening, as a gentle and powerful obsession was growing inside him. The fairy weasel fluttered into the air and landed softly on the raccoon's muzzle, arms and legs clinging tightly to it. Having his whole identity changed felt like quite a big thing to arrange, but he now understood why it had to be this way! Oreo could barely contain the joy as he started to melt, fur and paws painting over that nose, changing the fur colour as he began to sink into it. It would be pretty difficult to randomly summon someone who'd agree to this request, but as he was now he'd be totally unable to resist.

"Gonna be your nosey nose," Oreo murmured, making Ness blush. "Your nose and face and mouth, that'll be me. Mmf, you could have just asked, you know!" That wasn't true, but as changed as he was, it would be hard to imagine a scenario where he wouldn't choose to get stuck as someone's muzzle! Fairy dust shimmered in the air as those wings flapped, this would be a big enchantment but he knew it'd definitely work. Oreo had no more words for the moment as his head disappeared, closely followed by most of his body.

Big raccoon paws came up to rub at his muzzle, and they succeeded in squashing and spreading Oreo out even further. Now there was nothing left of the fairy at all except the colour, turning that raccoon muzzle black with white and cream stripes on each cheek. Ness could feel the fairy taking over, their senses blending together, tingling through his cheeks and also into his tongue and ears and throat. The air smelled sweet with fairy dust, and he picked up a slight taste of critter fur that quickly began to fade.

It had been so much preparation for something finished so quickly, and the raccoon went off to find a mirror and inspect his new look. Much of his face was recoloured, and his ears too were black with tips of white, and his tongue was all stripy as well! Just his eyes were the same, with their familiar raccoon mask
"Oh, that's so cool," he said. His mouth moved by itself, speaking with the fairy weasel's light voice: "It is! I bet you look great, how's it feel? Ooh, you know, I can still change as well; get a load of this!"

It was so smooth and painless, but Ness watched his face change and stretch as though made of soft putty. Ears pushed in flat, as long thin lips came together and became hard and thick, giving him a smooth shiny beak as Oreo let out a crow's call; caw-caw! Silly, but satisfying. Next his muzzle became smooth and scaled, patterned like a snake's with long forked tongue helping give a soft hiss. Lastly for the moment, weasel teeth grew in to give the raccoon a very mischievous mustelid smile, with a mouth more like what Oreo had after he was rewritten.
"See! This is going to be lots of fun for both of us," giggled the fairy.

Ness stuck out his tongue, and tilted his head in the mirror. "So, how long does this last, being my muzzle?"
"Mm? It lasts forever, silly! Me and you, hee hee. I'm so warm here! Go on, give your nose a rub, you know you want to~"
The raccoon thought that was a bit weird, but once the itching crept into his weaselly nose he couldn't say no. He scratched, and then pressed a paw against his nose, and then both of them; it felt so nice! It was so distracting, and it took some willpower to pull them away and regain his composure, gasping for breath.

"C'mon, let's go eat and drink something. Eee, is there someone you love? I wanna try out a kiss, they won't forget it in a hurry, it'll be so amazing I promise-"

Oreo's voice went quiet as Ness held his tongue, quite pink in the cheeks now. Gosh, the weasel didn't half talk a lot! But, after all, the fairy was right; there were now so many fun little things for them both to rediscover...

Silly Ness (critique requested)


17 September 2016 at 05:14:01 MDT

Here's a short story for ness where he summons my familiar marten Nall, customises him quite heavily, and puts him to good use! :D

Fairy TF, identity rewriting, merging and possession, nose and muzzle and ears TFs; it's pretty silly and I hope you enjoy it. :)

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    Curious type of TF but also very amusing!

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