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on 9 October 2015 at 15:53:16 MDT

Yes, hi. I've been extremely busy for the past several weeks, which is why I haven't been drawing anything. I actually had big art plans for this week, though, but I managed to injure my back doing something extremely mundane and non-strenuous, and I've barely gotten out of bed as a result.

I still plan to catch up with drawing sometime soon, but in the meantime have a small list of music recommendations from July, August, and September.

Destroyer – Poison Season
Easily my album of the year.

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
The best Chelsea Wolfe album to date, much more consistent overall than her earlier work (which I still enjoy).

FKA twigs – M3LL155X EP
I don’t usually list EPs for these things but this one is way too good to pass on.

Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness
Much more accessible (and pop-influenced) than her last album without losing out on any of the weirdness.

The World is a Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Harmlessness
I’m still sort of on the fence with this one. It’s a bit overdramatic and the lyrics feel awfully straightforward and clumsy compared to Whenever, If Ever, which was one of my absolute favorite records of 2013. It’s worth a listen, but I’m not sure if I love it yet.

Ryan Adams – 1989 cover album
Way better than a Smiths-esque cover of a Taylor Swift album has any right to be.

Ought – Sun Coming Down
Fairly solid followup to a their fairly solid debut.

Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower
Absolutely beautiful blend of doom metal and drony folk music, definitely one of my favorite records of the year.

The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn
It’s corny as fuck and I love it.

Deafheaven – New Bermuda
Consistently heavier than Sunbather and every bit as melodic. Basically the opposite direction that anyone expected this album to take.

Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect
Under Color of Official Right was probably the best rock album of 2014, The Agent Intellect is probably the best rock album of 2015.

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