Expressions and Bleps by Ayanaki

Expressions and Bleps


24 March 2016 at 18:54:58 MDT

Some sketches I did over the week for practice.

Characters belong to:
yarkwark yarkwark Tero and Buzz (grump dog and nervous "bat")
psydoktor psydoktor Vel (Frilly lizard)
hunterbahamut hunterbahamut Zech and Patch (hybrid and gremlin)
technoplatypus technoplatypus Irvine, Firo, and Reaper (real -angry- bat, gator blep, and angry blepping)

Dog lady and noc belong to me.


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    LOL! The bleps got me laughing XD

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      hehe the bleps were fun

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    That Vel and Zech! D'aww! Vel is so adorable in your style. Frilled lizards are cool, in general, though.

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      hehe frilly lizards are umbrella lizards X3c