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Basking. by awkwaard



21 March 2013 at 12:56:38 MDT

My half of a trade with Capukat on DeviantART.

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    I really like this! I had a creep at your dA gallery and I'd say this is probably one of your best pieces. I like that you can she's lying in grass, but you've kept the detail to a minimum so it still looks all dreamy and glowy. The pose makes it look like she's floating, too, which adds to the effect. The detail on the fur patterns is also omnommable.

    Anatomy's also really good, although if I was going to crit anything it's MAYBE be the back legs. Canines are gloriously twisty, but I'm struggling to imagine the legs completely tucked in and invisible to the eye while in that position. That's only if I'm being über-nitpicky, though, and the detail of the upper body + tail and the soft glowiness of the entire piece keep the focus away from her back-end anyway.

    Still, it's an ace piece and I'd be dead happy if I got this in an art trade. Good work!

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      Ahhh, my gosh! Thank you so much. <3

      I definitely don't get to do much larger art often, especially not with backgrounds ;3; So this one definitely sticks out on my deviantart!

      I'm glad you enjoy it so much, I was rather happy with the outcome.

      And thanks so much for the critique! I was experimenting with sliiightly more dynamic poses, and I was already struggling with the front legs so I had just left the back legs out. c':

      But again, wow, thank you so much. uvu

      I wasn't expecting a comment like this when I woke up, ahah.