The Eye of Ramalach 136 by Avencri

The Eye of Ramalach 136


27 April 2014 at 23:05:32 MDT

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Hello everyone!

If you have been following my Twitter or my Patreon account you will know that last week i had a major hardware failure with my rig. My videocard simply stopped working and that caused me to loose some various updates since that happened while i was out of town during Spring Break.

On the bright side, i did get a small simple laptop recently to have as a back up in case the rig failed. Lucky timing since two weeks after i got it the whole mess happened. So i AM able to work while i wait for the new PC parts to arrive from the US. It's only that the current laptop is not so powerful and kinda slow. Also it doesn't have VGA ports or a DVI one. So for the moment i can't use my Cintiq. I did buy a bamboo tablet some time ago to have as a backup and that is what i am using.

It is a shame to say that i got so used to the better pressure points and larger work area that i am struggling a bit to get used again to work with this one. So i have been a bit slow on updates.

Anyways, it is good to have backup plans for this sort of stuff. I was just lucky to have gotten them in motion weeks before the problem actually happened.

I do apologize if the quality of artwork suffered a bit from this.

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