Pride of the huntress 04 by Avencri

Pride of the huntress 04


5 February 2014 at 18:08:43 MST

Hello everyone! New page here!

Well, last weekend sure was interesting. I participated in the Global Game Jam 2014 and boy i got to say it was really interesting and i sure learned a lot of new things. For those that don’t know, the Global Game Jam happens in a single weekend. Lots of people organize into group around the world and they develop a game in 48 hours based on a theme that the organizers of the jam choose.

So we had 48 hours to do concept, game design, visual assets, music, coding and all. It was really fun and i spent the whole weekend working with friends of mine. In the end we finished our game concept. You can try the demo we have. It is not complete and the game play is broken at one point due to a coding error. But we are planing on revisiting this and complete it for the future.

You can give it a try to the game but you might need the Unity Player:

And regarding the comics. The donations for Tina of the South pages got us up to page 5 of chapter 2. After that page is posted i will be opening donations again for the following pages. What will happen during that time?

Well, i will keep doing a comic page per week. But when no pages of Tina of the South have been completed, i will be posting a page for The Eye or Ramalach. Once a new page donation has reached i will post the new Tina page.

Thanks for reading!

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