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Avelyth / 31 / Male / California, USA

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Hello, my name is Andrew.

DS Friend Code: 0946-2341-5951

Height: 7'

Weight: 1,582 lbs

Age: Unknown

Race: Fire/Plasma Dragon

Wing span: Feral - 22 ft, Anthro - 17 ft (Sometimes with or without)

Build: Basic dragon build

Fur: Silvery Hair that becomes a mane from neck to tail.

Eyes: Pupil - Black, Iris - Green

Features: Dark grey horns from head to cheek, dark charcoal black Scales, mid red plates that start from base of neck

down to his tail as well as his nose to forehead, wings are same color as his body, inner wing are red, wing tips end in black

Background - Avelyth is a strange character, he was once a regular fire dragon when he was a child, but one day a dark and

mysterious corruptive power awakened within him. This corruption, which to this day he can not recall how he came in contact of it, grants

him the ability to channel the power of plasma, which expels in a high phosphoric green. He is much of a loner, as he is afraid of

what his dark powers could do if he let someone in close to him, but he still is close with his

brother, as well as good friends, if they take the time to know him.


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