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Plushie: Gary the Eurasian Jay by Avanii

Plushie: Gary the Eurasian Jay


Made in 2012

At last I acquired a plushie of my very favourite bird: the Eurasian jay! Of course I had to make him myself though xD I used the same pattern as for Kousan the thrush, who served as the prototype for this bird-with-spread-wings plushie, and modified it to suit the jay (different feet and beak and wing shape). He was very complicated to sew, and I cut out several parts wrongly, but here he is in all his glory: Gary! :D It was worth it! He has quite a lot of painting as I only have natural coloured fabrics, so the blue is all painted on with Copic markers, just like the stripes on his face and the spots on his forehead. Inside the wings are pipecleaners, so they're a little poseable. For the time being, I've had enough of sewing wings ^^;

Gary measures 30 cm (11,5 inch) from wingtip to wingtip and 15 cm (5,5 inch) from tip of the beak to butt. Made with synthetic fabrics and a lot of Copic colouring.

He is not for sale! :)

On a totally unrelated note, the scientific name of this bird makes me laugh every time. As I've had quite some Latin classes, I just couldn't help but laugh at "garrulus glandarius" which means something like "babbling acorn-collector" haha, babbling is something they sure do <3 Latin is awesome.

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