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FOR SALE Plushie: Harley the Canine Puppy by Avanii

FOR SALE Plushie: Harley the Canine Puppy


Made in 2012

I don't know if he's a wolf, a dog, a direwolf or some kind of mix haha ^^; What I do know is that he's got incredibly soft fur! Originally intended to be a wolf puppy but he turned out more chubby than I expected (especially the tail). The limbs are made of a special, tipped short mohair which is creamy white with blue grey tips and very stiff, so he has no problem standing. This same mohair is also on the bridge of his nose and the insides of his ears. The grey fur itself is tipped as well, and reminds me of the agouti colouring, but grey instead of brown. I did some thread sculpting on the back legs to make his belly less bulky and define his legs a bit more, the tipped fabric really works well for this.

Both the tipped mohair and the tipped grey fabrics are out of production, and I managed to get the last piece of the grey one before the sellers ran out completely. Needless to say, I'm using this sparingly, because it's so soft and beautiful but also the last bit I'll ever get xD It always happens to the most beautiful of fabrics, sigh

Synthetic, tipped grey and white fabrics, tipped short mohair, embroidery thread, glass eyes, Copic marker for details on the face, fibrefill and plastic pellets. He's 17 cm long head to butt (7 inch)

Photos etc. are mine.
Please do not use or repost this.

Harley is for sale! :D Please see my Etsy shop for more info:

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