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Help! Emergency Donation Raffles!

So...I've run into a little bit of an issue, and while I'll usually do whatever it takes to solve things myself, this one...I just can't do without help. The air conditioning on my car is shot, and in order to fix it, I'll need a brand new compressor. D: The part itself costs $800, and I can only imagine how much more the labor to put it in might cost. To say the least, while I CAN afford it, it'd financially put me in a place that'd leave me very....VERY...worried. But I need my air conditioning. I don't do all that well in the heat and it tends to give me some really nasty headaches. >< So I decided to run a few raffles to try and help raise some funds so I can afford my much needed air conditioning! To say the least even reading this is something I appreciate more than I can possibly express, and even if you don't get a raffle ticket, a signal boost would be super duper appreciated. ^^

To give a quick rundown, each raffle ticket will cost $2. For every $10 you spend, you get an extra ticket! (AKA $10 will get you 6 tickets, $20 will get you 12 tickets, and so on and so forth) And, should you want to get multiple tickets and put them towards multiple different raffles, you may! Just please make a note of it to me when you send your payment, or note me here letting me know how many tickets you want to go towards what raffles. Raffles will end on Saturday, June 7th, and winners will be chosen! Payment is Paypal only, please!

As for the raffles themselves, here's a little about each one! Links to examples will be up shortly!

Raffle A– Simple ref sheet! This raffle is for a simple colored front and back view of a character of your choosing, plus a few expression scribbles! I'm more than happy to add in little blurbs about the character as well!

Raffle B – Character bust! This will generally be from the chest up, though I may add in a little more should the character be feral. It'll include a detailed painterly bust of a character of your choosing, and a simple background! Would also be good for a badge, and I can add in a name if you'd like to use it for that purpose as well!

Raffle C – Two character full color adult piece with very simple background! I really don't have any decent examples for this, as most of the adult work I have done are sketches, but the included samples will give you all a good idea of what I can do. The coloring will be similar to what you see in the topmost image, or like this one, here...
I very rarely offer adult artwork, and even more rarely colored ones!

So, if anyone would like to help out and nab a ticket, my Paypal is autiewuff[at] ! If you'd like to buy multiple tickets and put them towards different raffles, please let me know in the email when you go to pay, or note me here. Also, I can't thank you all enough even just for reading this or spreading the word. I really can't tell you all how much I appreciate any and all support. <3

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