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The Coming Storm by Autumnfire

The Coming Storm


An Amur Leopard princess, who has been married away to a prince in a distant land to preserve bloodline and ties to her parents kingdom, stands in her garden and watches as a storm sweeps in over her life. She is lonely and sad and can only imagine what pain with arrive with the coming storm.

This started off as a small piece in my head, but evolved into this as I started sketching it. I did this to practice simple backgrounds with watercolors. I must have spent all day deciding what color would be best to make her dress. I decided on pink because it was the most visually pleasing and worked with the background. I made the amur leopard brighter so she stands out in in beauty. The pose is based off of my body. I stood in front of my mirror to make sure the anatomy was good. I think it turned out alright. The jems are supposed to be diamonds... that is not easy and they didn't turn out that good

When I concepted this I was in a very sad and foul mood and it felt like a storm was coming into my life.

Watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic ink on 9" by 12" coldpress

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Visual / Traditional