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3 Tesseran Bird-guys by AugustForth

3 Tesseran Bird-guys


Wanted to draw a comparison of the three types of people in Tessera, using a common base of "birdlike humanoid" and expressing it in different ways.

On the left is a clothling, one of the Materians - people made of and patterned after materials like cloth, wood, or stone. They were once puppets of a goddess who used them to play out the same centuries of history over and over again, but now that they've been freed, they're looking for guidance.

In the middle is a man of Xeraphand, a place that no longer exists in the New World. Mortals like him came from a world of high magic and adventure, who defied the laws of nature and invented fantastic devices, and now they're eager to explore this strange new place they've found themselves in. Without the weight of history behind them, though, and with all of their old knowledge scattered and obsolete, they're not quite as well-off as they might think.

On the right is a Demon. They are highly individualistic and have a "might makes right" kind of ethics that served them well back in their homeworld, where your standing in the ranks was determined by what you could do and who you could dominate in your chosen path of competition. No two Demons look alike; even the most minor imps learn to customize themselves as soon as they can. In the New World, though, there are other powers competing with theirs, and some of the Demons have broken off to see if they could even benefit from cooperation.

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    Those are some very nice stylized birds!