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Tessera Mundi screen shot, 26 November 2016 by AugustForth

Tessera Mundi screen shot, 26 November 2016


Showing off the new conversation engine. You can build up topics as you talk to someone, a bit like in Ultima 7. This took a bit of work to get right, but it's an integral part of gameplay. This is coming along nicely, and the next thing to add will be actual combat. That's going to need some monster sprites and some notion of "equipment", of course, so it'll be a little while before it's properly in.

Sestel Greenstar came out of a character-design project I set myself a little while ago. If you need a sample character to test conversations out with, why not a six-legged pink unicorn-taur sort of person? Good excuse to do some teensy pixel art.

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    quite a fine piece of 80's computer RPG styling

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      Thanks - I'm not sticking to any specific system's specs, just going for an overall 80s CRPG feel. You might notice that the main map display has pixels twice the size in either direction as the stuff around it, which is a compromise I had to make to keep both the simple map graphics and the amount of text I wanted to have in the rest of the frame.