Sparx by Aubrin



5 October 2017 at 09:24:22 MDT

I don't have enough beefcake!

A fitting guy to fix that, I think, is this fella! His name is Sparx, a silver dragonborn fighter I played briefly in a short campaign. He was a sailor for a long time against his will, and 'Sparx' is actually short for 'Sparkles'.. a nickname people quickly learned not to use around him in its entirety. 'Sparx' stuck though, because his dragonborn name was just too much of a mouthful for most softskins, and his grandfather (and therefore he) was an outcast from their clan anyway, so he never felt any particularly strong attachment to his clan name.

Despite his involuntary naval servitude, Sparx loves the sea, sailing, and the sailor's life, so he's not an uncommon sight in the alehouses and brothels of any port city he finds himself in.

On a different note; I've been really trying to get my head around CSP and a lot of the things I know it's capable of, but haven't been able to figure out. Recent tutorial watchins have lead to a couple epiphanies that this picture instantly benefited from.. and I finally felt like I wasn't just blindly slapping a canvas with a brush.

This piece has been up for a few days over on my Patreon, along with the inked WIP, and several other patron-exclusive goodies! Please consider supporting me over there!

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