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Let Me Sleep Pt. 1 by Atreya

Let Me Sleep Pt. 1


29 January 2014 at 18:40:23 MST

I ran out of ink while doing this today, so it's kind of rough as it were. In any case, it's a cute little one pager about how my boyfriend tortures my sleep cycle at night. Stealing the covers and crushing me with his love, and his head. He wants me to do a second part depicting what I do to him, but he calls this "Just about right". I was playing around with styles before I did this so I think I had a little bit of fatigue, but I plan on inking it better and reposting this. <3

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    A good solution for the blanket problem is to have two on the bed: one for you and one for them. You can both burrito separately without interfering with the other person's warmth. :)

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      Hilariously enough, that's exactly what we started doing.

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        One blanket pretty much only works if both partners are the kind of people who overheat and kick the blankets off the bed. XD

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          xD Exactly.

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    This is hilarious, I would love to see a part two.

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      Thanks! There will be, my boyfriend thinks we didn't cover my poor sleeping habits. xD