Ritzy Vultures by Atomdrache

Ritzy Vultures


19 December 2016 at 20:04:21 MST

The main purpose here is to rejoice in the fact that I have a scanner again. It only works in Windows, and I am one of those terrible people who can't be arsed to write drivers for random peripherals with no vendor documentation. I'm glad someone works on SANE but sometimes you just can't win.

Well, fortunately, I have a Windows thingy that I meant to install Debian on but didn't, so now scanner drivers and algorithmic timesinks live there.

So here are some practice marker drawings of Egyptian vultures I did in pink for no particular reason. The upper-right figure's shading is absolutely horrid; I tried something and regretted it immediately, and there is no ctrl-z with markers.

On the other hand, at least it isn't art software. $700 walled gardens, 30-day crippleware, random unsupported stuff that only works in Windows, or spending eight hours fucking around in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ and adjusting pressure curve settings...or I could just use a fuckin' marker and scan it. One day I'll try it again, but me and art software just don't have a nice history together.

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    It's good to see you drawing again!