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We get it, You Vape. by Athena-Panthera

We get it, You Vape.


If I had a nickel for every time I heard "We get it, you vape" I'd be retired.

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    what set up do you use? ^^

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      I use
      Smock TFV4 Mini tank
      TF-S6 coils
      and a cubiod 150w box :D

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        I was thinking of trying vaping and have only just started researching it last night, and I am endlessly amused at comments like these xD I'm sure I'll eventually understand but right now it's like witnessing a conversation between two people who are REALLY into modding their motorcycles and sports cars in German

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          at least for me, i think talking about what set up your using is more about how well it works than anything. i've tried various combinations of brands of stuff and some of them don't work very well and some of them do. Same thing with the different liquids and stuff. due to how they're made some of them taste better or create more vapor than others, and thats also down to what sort of coil your using as well as what wattage your running on the box.

          but yes, i can see your point about it sounding like people talking about modding cars and such. from anyone on the "outside's" point of view those words mean absolutely nothing.

          as for trying it, do you smoke currently?

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            I use the Rig v2 from American made!

            I love it to bits. I build my own coils with Nichrome wire and a lot of patience. Though latley I've been thinking about trying to find my adapter so I can use a tank. Building coils and screwing around with them AND having to drip every few puffs (because this thing is a beast) gets old sometimes.

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              yeah, dripping and building coils just seems like too much work to me... i'll just stick to being lazy >3

              i have a juice recommendation though I quite like the Apollo flavor <3