The Easter Thievies by asuraludu

The Easter Thievies


23 November 2013 at 17:20:23 MST

In a journal on FA I said:

" Actually what I'd like to see is a Easter bunny film where the bunnies are part of a thieves guild. They rob chickens and ducks of eggs and sell them to evil elves (why not) who fill them with chocolate as a gift to their ancient demons lords of Kee Blar. One bunny thief is swiping a particularly nice looking egg when it hatches. This leads him to think that all the eggs they were stealing may have in fact been eggs that could hatch at any moment. This pushes him on a mission to rescue the eggs. Along the way he gains other members to the party (because lets face it EVERY Easter cartoon is an adventure group of 4). The first is a bat (the rabbit's partner. The long ears fool onlookers into thinking the bunnies are demons and not regular rabbits) . Bats need more love. So we'll make her the cute ball of sassy that I love so much. Not only will you see her doing the whole "sex symbol" motif, but she'll have a little maternity as she bonds with the baby bird. Followed quickly by the two good guys "the hard-boiled gumshoe" Rooster and his junior partner "the way too over-eager" hen. Jeez I need to draw this now.

Well I drew something. And as cheesy as it looks.... yeah thats all I got. I'll try to come up with more epic fail later.

Bat= Nadja

Rabbit= Jeff

Baby Duck= Ollie

Rooster= Sargent Tecer

Hen= Officer Opal

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