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The Long Shot by Ashpond

The Long Shot


23 July 2014 at 01:21:35 MDT

A commission for Scarskitsune
I actually had a lot of trouble with this, the gun, easy, the buildings, no problem! Making an anthro use a scope, while trying to take into consideration his muzzle and nose... haha... LUCKY for me he wears a kickass mask when he goes out to shoot guys, that gave me some artistic leeway so to speak. ^_


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    Hahaha, making "everyday" objects practical with the anthro anatomy can sometimes be challenging, or the other way (glasses and headphones haha).

    That's quite a long shot indeed, there's not even sound heard at that distance... just a splut and thud hahaha.

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      No kidding! Also, holy late replies batman! Thanks for the comment, still learning how to use Weasyl :P