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One Last Drink by Ashpond

One Last Drink


16 March 2020 at 19:24:49 MDT

avianmoderne hit me up for a kinda ruins/apocalyptic empty bar type scene, and I thought about it for a while. How best to show this and to try to make it feel emotional. I put a lot of thought into this, the direction he is looking, how he's holding the cup, I worked on the composition to draw the viewer's eye to specific points. No whether any of this worked, I dunno, lol.

I've drawn this chap before, you can see it here -

I LOVE eagles, and birds in general, but especially birds of prey. They're just like, nature's sportscars. Love them.

ALSO, ALL commissions are open right now if you're on the hunt. I'm trying to save up to rebuild my garage and buy a new car. Thanks!