Power Arms by Ashpond

Power Arms


26 August 2019 at 03:19:48 MDT

I love in Overwatch, how so many of the characters have fully functional prosthetics. After I was done with this I realized he was kinda rocking a Jax vibe from Mortal Kombat, super not intentional. ;_; I was going for space faring merc vibe, oh well! :P


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    Neat character design, even if the Jax vibe was unintentional! :D

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      Thank you! <3

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    he makes me think more of the wolf guy from contra series than Jax. :)

    very nice work regardless of inspirations though, he looks awesome. ^^

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      Someone else mentioned that guy, I had to google him haha!

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        think he just needs the visor and a big ol' rapid cannon or something else, eh? :)

        i like his markings though ^^ think you did good setting him apart while also going for the vibes ya wanted too :)