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Ariel Made Another Land Friend! by AshestoAshcraft

Ariel Made Another Land Friend!


My bff Hue's birthday was this month, so for his birthday, his mom bought him, myself, and two of our mutual friends tickets for a day at Denver Comic Con this year :D It was fragging awesome! I took soooo many photos of sooooo many cosplayers who did just some seriously amazing jobs, but my photos do not cover all the incredible cosplays there were - there were so many that I missed because the people cosplaying were busy or our small crew was headed to a panel, etc.

My best friend, Kay Kay, is SUUUUPER into The Little Mermaid so every time I saw an Ariel, she stuck out to me and made me think of Kay Kay X3 There were a few who dressed like Ariel on during the Kiss the Girl scene, and a few who did kinda-sorta their own take, but only this one (at least the day I went) dressed like Ariel as an actual mermaid, and I just LOVED it :D So I had to snag a pic >w< When her friend, the adorable leopard, asked if I wanted a pic with her too I was like "Get in there~" cuz omg look how cute she is!!! It's like Ariel befriended more than just Skuttle and I dig it~

I don't know who either of the cosplayers featured here are, but if you're them or happen to know where in the wide world web I can find them, please let me know so I can link to their profiles to whatever wherever c:

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