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Self Portrait by AshestoAshcraft (critique requested)

Self Portrait (critique requested)


DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint

I originally made this self portrait for my first, traditional price sheet. There were lots of things wrong with the traditional version (the different sized legs, the massive even for anime eyes, the hair, etc.) that I feel I vastly improved upon with this piece, which I gotta say I'm quite proud of. I'm not fantastic at portraits, but I think I did myself a decent amount of justice here lolz I don't have a shirt, belt, nor shoes like that unfortunately, but the outfit rings true to my casual attire and includes one of my favorite ever thrifted jackets.

This self-portrait (er, well, a cropped bust of it) will replace my current icon since (a) it looks more like IRL me, and (b) because it's more anatomically correct. Comparing the two icons is crazy to me; I've only been doing digital art since the beginning of May, and I feel like I've learned an insane amount! What do you think? I'm open to constructive criticism if anyone's got anything to share~

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