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Icon // Ashcraft Starborne Demon Form by AshestoAshcraft (critique requested)

Icon // Ashcraft Starborne Demon Form (critique requested)


DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint X

So I've had a wild toothache that I've been taking care of and a lot of behind the scenes work that I've also been working on so I can prepare for a busy next month where I launch myself full force into posting on a schedule :3 I'm going to start posting speedpaints to my YouTube channel starting on May 30th. You can also expect to see a speedpaint of this bad boy next month as well~
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Ashcraft Starborne is my mascot and/or per/fursona character, so this piece was a little mix of him and a self portrait. If I had gone full body, his legs would probably be satyr legs with cloven hooves, and I debated adding his third eye but decided against it in the end. I will certainly be utilizing that feature in a lot of future works, but I wanted to keep my icon closer to an actual portrait of me with some of Ash's flair. I don't know if my tattoos will be this exact color scheme or what specifically they'll look like when I get 'em (I'm gonna put a little bit of trust in my tattoo artist to help me make decisions like that when the time comes), but I enjoyed getting experimental with it and actually placing the ink I ideally want on (kinda sorta) my body. If I could find holographic goat-eye contacts, I would definitely get over my fear of putting shit in my eyes just so I could rock this wild look IRL :D If you'd like to learn more about Ashcraft Starborne, you can check out his page on my TH account: >> Ashcraft Starborne

I had bunches of fun making this piece! I do not want to admit how many hours I poured into this sucker because as a newbie to digital art I got really over-eager to play with all the new goodies I have at my disposal, and got super dooper experimental with it. My favorite toys currently are the glitch and noise filters, and there are so many fun brushes too; gotta love the variety! The blur tool has been something very useful to me as well as simply the power to copypasta and ctrl+z things is in-cred-i-ble. Though the app is fairly limiting, ibisPaint X has been a fantastic learning tool for me. Digital art has been something I've long wanted to explore but have been rather intimidated by, but I'm just enjoying myself so much that I can't even remember what I was so scared of! Sure it doesn't look like I poured mumbles hours into this piece, but I enjoyed every second of that time and am satisfied with the end result c:

A challenge I had to overcome in this piece was figuring out exactly how to artistically portray the holographic look. I attempted to capture it in the eyes and background in particular, as well as a little bit in the pentacle between the horns. I struggled with figuring out how to make it look holographic and not just genericly rainbow-y. I feel like at worst I'm on the right track, but please feel free to express your opinions on the matter. Any advice fellow holo-loving artists would like to share would be very much appreciated as well!

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