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Digital Lucky [AC Fanart] by AshestoAshcraft

Digital Lucky [AC Fanart]


DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint X

Click here to see the original, traditional version.

On the same day I drew Lucky traditionally, my fiance let me borrow her phone (which has a stylus, while mine did not) so that I could test out a digital drawing app that seemed pretty cool. I had a really great time and I'm pretty proud of this, considering it's my first digital art piece ever, really.

At the time I only posted the traditional sketch, however, because I wasn't sure when I was going to have another opportunity to utilize any form of tablet again. However after losing my phone on 4/20 my fiance and I worked out a deal that has made me a very happy camper. She has gotten a new phone that came in the mail today, in fact (earlier than expected), and I have inherited her old Samsung Note. With my new phone I now have a stylus and, effectively, a tiny portable tablet! I couldn't have asked for a better place to start getting into digital art, and I'm really excited to make many more digital pieces just like this one and better~

I hope you like Lucky as much as I enjoyed working on him~ Feel free to throw some criticism my way if you'd like, just please keep in mind that I'm new at this lolz

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