Howdy! I'm Ashe Skyler. I'm a self-taught artist from rural Alabama. I guess you could say my artistic goal is to be one of those photo-realistic fine pencil artists, but I also enjoy doing more "cartoony" stuff too.

Weapons of choice:

  • graphite, mechanical pencil
  • colored pencil
  • charcoal (experimenting)

I am a wife, mother, income tax preparer, bookkeeper, freelance artist, and webcomicker. I am very, very busy. Please understand that unless you have bought something and I am specifically creating an artwork you requested, I will not adjust any drawing or drawing style to your liking.


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$5 Character Sketches

Traditional Pencil, Digital Color Overlay
from $ 5.00
to $ 7.00

This will be a relaxed transaction. I'll do a quick sketch with just some rough line work and basic shading on a 4"x6" card. No advanced/detailed pencil work. Some sketch lines will probably show. Likely to be done in one sitting with little to no adjustments after it's finished. (Unlike my typical commission slots where I badger you to death making sure it's just perfect nigh every step of the way.)

  • $5 through Paypal.
  • Maximum of 2 characters/subjects per card.
  • Background included.

If you want the original:

  • +$1 shipping and handling for USA residents.
  • +$2 shipping and handling for non-USA residents.

Digital copies include:

  • 150dpi / 600x900 px
  • 300dpi / 1200x1800 px

Same ol' principles, policies, and limitations as my usual commissions. Sales and discounts don't apply to the $5 sketches 'cause they're pretty cheap as is.

If you would like one of my portraits, kindly visit my site to get started.