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YCH AUCTION - Reference Sheet by Ashen_Oni_Creations (critique requested)

YCH AUCTION - Reference Sheet (critique requested)


24 July 2019 at 06:07:01 MDT

Please read rules before bidding

  • Only bid if you can afford to pay, payment must be given 48 hours after winning
  • I'll close each bid 3 weeks from now or if the auction goes well 24 hours after the last bid (only if bidding goes well)
  • Only bid if you have a preferably visual image of the character you want (I can do written descriptions but it's not desired as I often get clustered over long descriptions due to my dyslexia)
  • Please no hybper bodies/fat or muscle character. NO FERALS this is for anthros/humanoids only. I can make the body a tad more muscular, more feminine or a little chubbier but nothing to major.
  • ANY species and ANY gender welcome! Can also do any type of genitals for the NSFW version (only if you're 18+)
  • Wings allowed but will cost $5 extra on-top of base winning price.

Starting Bid - $35 usd
Bid Increase - $5 usd
Auto Buy - $120 usd


PayPal accept ONLY! Via goods and services.

Reference poses done from the Android App MagicPoser, I created these poses from their art dolls.
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Art © to Carlie Jaye Martin / Ashen Oni Creations / DO NOT USE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!