Art Dump by AshasCadence

Art Dump


16 May 2015 at 22:13:53 MDT

Ya....I had fun with these. Been a while since I vomited up doodles/sketches because I am so shy in posting my scratchy crap. I try to make them cleaner but I'm a scratchy doodler then I try to clean and so on. Anyways most of these sketches are mine except for Ultron head sketches that I picked out screenshots from and just sketched him. I friggin fell in love with his design and voice and the way he acted. I friggin went and made fanart. HALP MEEEE!! I want to make a pretty piece for him but omg metal. Metal is so scary to work on. ;-;
The rest of the doodles are of Asha as a kid, some other dragon head portraits of her and the top right one of her just running around. Some Oryonallus sketches in the middle. Xesha the alien giving the shh finger and strutting his stuff in the top row. A nagendra and maurus below. Oh and Maurus youngling sketch. Ya. Doodles. Art vomit really.

Ultron copyright to Marvel (I wish you were mine)