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Inktober Sketches 1 by AshasCadence

Inktober Sketches 1


14 October 2015 at 13:53:45 MDT

Top left corner 2 busts are of Zeph from spartadog
Bottom right corner is Speaker who belongs to pantherwhales
The rest are mine.


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    Oh my, all of these character designs are so cool @_@

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    Oh my goooosh these are all gorgeous~! Also wow that speaker, you NAILED IT from my silly little sketch!

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      XD I just guessed and fooled around with him and felt like well hopefully they'll like this. Maybe, maybe not but I finagled and in the right direction apparently so yaaaaay. He was fun to sketch. Very different but really awesome. He almost looks like something bumped his nose and he's back up for a quick sniff or something XD