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I hate airports VENT

on 24 May 2017 at 13:46:46 MDT

I hate everything about airports, the security, the services, the plane itself with the seating and the inconsistency of the different companies or services you go through its just awful and the unexpected delays (most understandable like weather for instance) but just like the other things that shouldn't have to be a problem bug the shit out of me and I always get the worst of luck too.

So I'm starting in Austin heading to Charlotte. Carry-ons are meant for emergency clothes or laptops typically well haha moment I get up to be checked through they tell me overhead bins are full. I couldn't even get a word out to say I need this because it has my emergency clothes and face wash and other stuff I need. They tag my bag and take it. I ask when do I get it back. Not until Ireland. FML, FML, FML!!!
Of course this happens.
This first flight ended up 15 minutes late. I had to race across the airport to the next flight to Philadelphia. We land in Philly on time. Oh boy I say. I get to go get food because I hadn't eaten since 8am. Nope. We are stuck on the tarmac for an hour because all of the gates were full and we were in line. FML! So we wait and wait and finally an opening comes up and we go up and park. People at the gate left. So we were stuck and had to call a dispatch team to come and get us out. That took another 20 minutes. I get out and I'm at the east side of the airport. My next flight is on the west side and far side. FML. I'm running and running and luckily and airport person with his little car asked if I needed a ride. I get in and other occupants in there were from my flight too. So we head to the gate and thankfully they were waiting for us few who came late. Oddly enough our flight to Ireland we arrived almost an hour early which was weird.
Oh and there was this super nice lady who gave me her sandwich hearing my story about no food since 8am. So thank god she saved me. I was starving and just ugh. I almost cried.
I go through customs, super easy. A stamp and buh-bye. Great I thought.
Baggage Claim now. At this point I'm sure you can guess that I don't get my baggage. Yep. Not even my carry on either. Nothing. Had to fill out a baggage lost thing and use the telephone there because mine wasn't working and on roaming data so only internet access. Got my friend's address and number and did that. Thankfully my stuff came in next day afternoon. Thank goodness.
It was just awful from the start to finish and I was just so tired but glad and relieved I got my things but its just I hate the anxiety and stress of it all at an airport. I can't stand them. I never have a good time or any luck at them because something has to friggin happen to me. Layovers, delays, late landings or late departures or screaming babies or super tight seats that make me feel crushed I just can't stand it any more.


Now I'm at Limerick University. It's so nice and pretty here. Very lovely people and scenery. It's so fantastic and super green. So much green. So much nature around and rolling hills. It's beautiful here.

So I'll leave it on that cheery note. I'm alive. Barely.

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    you have a ton of lovely characters, so yw :>

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    You have lovely design work!

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    my part is done =)

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      WOAH YOU FAST omg ;--; Don't submit yet. I need to finish mine. Been up and about all day and haven't really had a chance to work past lines. I'll work on it tonight.

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        Ok I'll waiting, and don't worry! I thing you will be satisfied xD

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          I'll be sending a note soon on Maks' belly markings. His profile ref shows some but I'm wondering what his chest area looks like.