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on 29 June 2017 at 15:24:06 MDT

I'm back b*tches.

Just kidding. Hello everyone. I'm kidding about the bitches part. I'm back though. Ho boy. So weird to be back. I miss Ireland and my friends terribly. Such a beautiful and amazing place. So much history and lore that's all combined into one. The green is always green too. Amazing place. Learned a few stories, saw amazing places. Couple of castles like Bunratty and Cashel. Got a tattoo, my first and makes me want to get a few more one of these days. I was proud of myself and also the memory involved with it. Was scared to get criticized by family here but thankfully they didn't say anything and a few were supportive and of course friends too. I love tattoos. Always wanted to get one and now I did. So happy with it.
Amazing towns, I swear walking through some of them felt like I was walking through New Orleans. It had that vibe about it. I can't explain it, but it just had that vibe in some areas.

Anyways I'm going to be working on portfolio stuff for school. I have to get 10 pieces ready by this coming semester plus a few headworld stuff so I'm going to be rather busy. Commissions are just going to be small pieces for time sake on my part to get my butt moving. I gots to. So it'll still be a while yet before I will do any big commissions any time soon.

Sketches for full body will be 30 roughly and depending on details will be extra fees.

Happy Summer ya'll.

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    you have a ton of lovely characters, so yw :>

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    You have lovely design work!

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    my part is done =)

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      WOAH YOU FAST omg ;--; Don't submit yet. I need to finish mine. Been up and about all day and haven't really had a chance to work past lines. I'll work on it tonight.

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        Ok I'll waiting, and don't worry! I thing you will be satisfied xD

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          I'll be sending a note soon on Maks' belly markings. His profile ref shows some but I'm wondering what his chest area looks like.