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Foxiful's Contest / Back to School

on 20 August 2017 at 22:28:40 MDT

Come check out Foxiful's Birthday contest. Give it a try if you wanna win or keep up to date with the contestants!

In other news I have moved into a dorm and back to school on wednesday. Yay but not say with all the work ahead. Oh boy. Got pretty much most of the important school projects done. I just got personal art pieces I'm still working on, but I'm close.

My to do list:
Blackheart Reference + Illustration
Xanvar Reference
Salara Reference
Asha Illustration
Tarot Cards

Yep kind of a lot but I'm close really. I'm almost done with Xanvar and Salara Reference so just another two off the list as I've been work on both more or less at the same time. Just to make it easier and I don't burn out by working one at a time. So I'm almost there.

I'm also debating on whether or not if I should go ahead and open a patreon and maybe somehow use it to start making my first prequel comic maybe and make that project into something with my senior thesis, but I fear it would be too small of a showcase. I dunno. I'm just running ideas through my head of what I should do for my senior show. So we shall see.

Thanks guys. Hope you all had a great summer.

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    you have a ton of lovely characters, so yw :>

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    You have lovely design work!

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    my part is done =)

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      WOAH YOU FAST omg ;--; Don't submit yet. I need to finish mine. Been up and about all day and haven't really had a chance to work past lines. I'll work on it tonight.

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        Ok I'll waiting, and don't worry! I thing you will be satisfied xD

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          I'll be sending a note soon on Maks' belly markings. His profile ref shows some but I'm wondering what his chest area looks like.