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on 20 January 2017 at 11:10:36 MST

Back in school again, whoopeee. This is my last junior semester. Next fall I'll be a senior. Oh myyyyy. I'm scared and nervous but so excited at the same time. This semester though will be rough. I have two senior level classes and three or well one is like sophomore/junior level but three junior level classes overall.

My classes:
Art history 2, Topics in Illustration for Design, Graphic Design 2, Branding Solutions, Multimedia

Topics has 10 projects. GD 2 we work with clients and first one we are already starting with a group and picking art director. I am never doing art director again. No thank you. Branding solutions we got two clients but one we work with all semester long. Multimedia I'm not too terribly worried about, but I'm going to play it safe. AH 2 has more homework this time so I got lots more work this semester. FML. It'll be okay. Going to start organizing a schedule and planner and keep commissions on weekends or use them as breaks. I'm not going to do anything big like shading or BG. That will be just on personal that may take whole semester long to do for me and just something for myself. So yep. Big classes and big semester.

Commissions Queue List

Lowered Prices! Yep

I have screen shots done for illustrations already done most recently and some sketches I've done in spare time. Example for sketch -- estimated price $30 Example for Flats -- estimated price $115

Sketches Full Body $25 (Details vary)
1. Imogen (pending)

Flat Body $50 (Details vary)
1. icondouglas0828 (paid - sketching)

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    you have a ton of lovely characters, so yw :>

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    You have lovely design work!

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    my part is done =)

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      WOAH YOU FAST omg ;--; Don't submit yet. I need to finish mine. Been up and about all day and haven't really had a chance to work past lines. I'll work on it tonight.

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        Ok I'll waiting, and don't worry! I thing you will be satisfied xD

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          I'll be sending a note soon on Maks' belly markings. His profile ref shows some but I'm wondering what his chest area looks like.