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on 4 October 2017 at 17:01:40 MDT

I'm going to open up headshot commissions for a little bit. I'll make it relate with Inktober style if you all like it to be. Below is a link to recent head sketches I did and example of how the sketches will come out. No color. Maybe some detail on markings for some. It ranges on detail in pricing.
10-20 USD is what I'm thinking for a good price range depending on character.
This is an example page of all the recent head sketches I've been doing as of late. Also going to open up headshot commissions for some quick money. They'll be between 10-20 USD depending on detail and such. Please don't restrain me to naga or dragons. I'm fully capable of making other races. I like nagas and dragons, but I would like a break from them.

1-5 are mine.
1 - Namasai
2 - Angelman still unnamed
3 - Namasai as a dragon
4 - Mango adopt
5 - Maurus

6, 8, and 9 belong to li0nfart/nikikt
10 belongs to Keedot
7 is Lugia - Wanted to try and make a realistic pokemon and I chose lugia because there's like one or two designs out there that looked okay to me but I wanted to try my hand at it. We all got opinions or ideas I just wanted to finagle with a pokemon and chose lugia.

1. FelisRandomis COMPLETED
3. Onom x2 COMPLETED
4. nothere COMPLETED
5. JustaWhiteFish COMPLETED
6. Monstrous COMPLETED
7. WinterDragoness COMPLETED
8. sugartrolli x2 *paid

Just ten for now.

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    you have a ton of lovely characters, so yw :>

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    You have lovely design work!

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    my part is done =)

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      WOAH YOU FAST omg ;--; Don't submit yet. I need to finish mine. Been up and about all day and haven't really had a chance to work past lines. I'll work on it tonight.

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        Ok I'll waiting, and don't worry! I thing you will be satisfied xD

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          I'll be sending a note soon on Maks' belly markings. His profile ref shows some but I'm wondering what his chest area looks like.