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Beyond Her Comfort Zone by Ashari

Beyond Her Comfort Zone


This is an excerpt from a story that you can read the full version of on either my Subscribestar page by following this link! Or with my Patreon page over here! It will still make its way to FA before too long, though. But every bit of support you can offer would help me so much!

Poll reward for July '23

Summary:  A cosplay enthusiast known for her revealing and alluring choices of costume is given something a bit more unusual to wear. It goes on easy enough but getting out again is where the real challenge lurks... 

Word Count (Full Version): 2178


“Goddamn it…” She grumbled, forgetting that her words would be easily heard by the rest of the room.

“Need a hand in there?” Paul’s voice called, obviously enjoying what he was hearing. 

“I’m fine.” She snipped back. Turning to the suit. It was arduous to put on, making Marissa feel the sweat before she was even half done. The thick rubber was cushioned, hugging against her legs and lightly playing with the presented shape of them.

Her hands met with thick, squishy-digited fingers at the end giving a cuter look to her hands to compensate for the fact they were more human than the creature it was based on. 

The suit’s moulded chest further made her look more masculine than she’d ever presented herself. It was harder to really move her fingers to the degree she wanted, yet she managed to pull the clasps of the rubber suit up, finding that they tucked onto the furry ruff to hold it in place. That let her sigh in relief, it might be hard to take off the suit, but at least the head would be easy to detach. Still it looked a little sad, the fur hung limp and lifeless, as did the tail. 

Feeling sufficiently dressed as she was, she poked her head out of the curtain, looking for one of the convention organisers who were there to help the cosplay enthusiasts. “Hey, Beth, could I get a hand here?” She murmured, desperate to not be overheard. 

A sharp “HAH!” From Paul told her she’d not been entirely subtle. 

Beth ambled over, moving close enough for a whisper. “What’s up?” 

“The fluffy bits, are they meant to look this drab?” Marissa asked. She wasn’t trying to welch on the deal but she certainly didn’t want to go out looking anything but her best. 

“Oh, no, they have, like, air-bags inside. You puff them up and it gives an impression of volume!” 

“Ahh. Could you do that for me?” Marissa said after flexing her hands and realising she would struggle to hold any air canister, let alone find and thread the holes. 

“Sure thing!” 

She had to wait with patience as Beth found the right canister, then sat there, trying to use her phone as air hissed through to puff up her gear. The fingers were too soft to impact the touch screen in a satisfying way, so before long she gave up, putting it down and waiting. The collar rose around her neck, bracing her head, definitely feeling far better and when the tail was done too, she had to confess that she found the craftsmanship excellent. She just fervently wished it wasn’t the costume she’d be having to wear for the day.

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