Commissions! (UPDATED) by Aschaki

Commissions! (UPDATED)


23 January 2014 at 19:20:23 MST

Updated this a bit. (Oct.18.14)

Other tidbits not shown or expanded on in the sheet:
Regarding Paypal, do NOT send it as a gift or as "payment owed". Send it via "Services", the fee isn't that bad.

I'll send you a sketch(s), and will start working on the drawing when approved. When done, I will PM/email you the full res pic. I would then upload it after fixing any minor mistakes if there are any. You can also upload it to your account, but please credit me, as always. After the sketch stage, making any major fixes (limb placement, etc.) will cost you; I would get that out of the way in the sketch stage, please.

I also have the right to turn down any potential commissions. Refunds will be given when asked, and is based on the amount of work done, ie: Full color 1 character simple BG stuck at sketch stage gets refunded $10. Commissions that never get off the ground will be refunded in full.

I use Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint for my works. All prices in USD. Depending on complexity, keep the numbers of characters to a max of 2-3.

Additional info of what I will/might/not draw:
What I can draw: humans, furries, het/yaoi/yuri, Pokemon
What I won't draw: hard vore and its derivatives, scat/vomiting/diaper fetishes, fat furs/inflation/muscles/"hyper" anything, baby furs (G-rated stuff is fine), heavy BDSM/bondage
What I might draw: everything else is fine, though with some fetishes I might be reluctant :T

I usually have 3 slots to be filled at a time. Once one slot is done, it opens up.

There is some stuff that I'm not good at drawing at yet, so please keep this in mind: most feral animals, 'taurs, mechs/machines, and very complex animals/creatures

Feel free to ask some questions~
Also, no whining.

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