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This project I'm working on by Artslave

This project I'm working on


27 January 2014 at 13:16:48 MST

These are form-fitting footpaws, that will be cast in silicone to resemble the texture and feel of real skin. They can be hair punched, but the goal here is photorealism. The pinkie + ring toe will be together in one toe. THE BOTTOMS STILL NEED WORK- I just wanted to throw some pads on to work on how the elevation will work, I will probably have to add some along the arch for support. I also want to make the toe-pads look more in line with the conformation of real dog pads.

I am not sure how I feel about the duclaw, BUT it will look fucking awesome if you're walking on your tiptoes like a werewolf.

Things I want out of this project:
1) A realistic set of feetpaws that the wearer can wiggle their toes and flex their feet in naturally
2) Easy to clean and maintain
3) Custom fitted for every user
4) Will look great walking plantigrade or on your toes

The claws are just placeholders for looks right now, but the claws will be cast in a heavy duty transleucent plastic to look like real claws.

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    This looks amazing! Great idea!

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    These are coming out seriously bad ass!

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    Very cool. = )

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    Amazingly wicked! Lovin' the anatomical features.

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    Wow, I can't wait to see these done!

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    Fantastic! These are gonna be so cool.

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    Words cannot properly describe how much I need a pair of these in my life, specifically, on my feet.

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    Looking forward to the result!