Gungan head by Artslave

Gungan head


19 December 2015 at 08:50:28 MST

Threw this together in a day for the movie premiere tonight. Group of friends are going in costume, so figured on going as my Star wars RPG character, a gungan scoundrel who is ridiculously mercantary- her eyepatch has a rebellion logo on the other side so she can flip it as necissary for situations! Pilots the light freighter, Voodoo, with her co-pilot-slash-trophy rack, Samedi, a rusted out robot infantryman from the clone wars(With some replacement were..available.. okay his left arm is a broom held on with duct tape >.>'), bedecked in various skulls, animal parts, blasters and other trophies, with his faceplate painted in a rough white skull.

Some others in her enterouge are Veelo, a Rodian scoundrel who "knows a guy", X-6000, an assassin droid which runs on Windows Vista(You can imagine the problems we run into..), and one of those weird lookin' grey dudes whose species I forget, but yeah he is a jedi so there is that. Mostly our party is scoundrels. We smuggle drugs. It is a good time for everyone.

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    Oh, nice. That's pretty impressive for a rapid-turnaround project.

    I guess they're from Lamaredd?

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      I think our game is in the pre- Y Sang Vong(sp?) era. Just post galactic empire's fall. Either that or we're so far in the outer rim that we haven't heard word of the Y Sang Vong yet. Right now we have stumbled upon some kind of crystal the empire wants it's hands on pretty bad, and the credits are super good. We're pretty sure it's a Sith Holocron we scavenged from a derelict orbitting a dead world. We just put in word with the an Alliance trader to find a buyer in the Alliance for us, so we're MIA atm while we wait on a proxy bid war over this thing we don't know about as none of us are force sensitive.

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        Oh fun.

        TFA was pretty good, right? I think it was up there with TESB and ANH...

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          9/10 for sure. First half was ANH rehash but I disagree with folks that it was a shot for shot remake. The second half was its own deal. I WISH they wouldn't have unmasked kylo'ren so early though. Keep the aire of menace and mystery(And HS death) til the second film. I think it would've had a much better pull that way. The reason DV was so scary was because we never saw his face! Emotionless masks count for A LOT and can build a lot more tension because the individual viewer has to inject their own ideas of what that person is feeling/doing under the mask during those shots. WHich is why DV has such an amazing base of fan-works. You could paint whatever you wanted him to feel in a lot of the scenes where he's just standing there, staring. Not so much with kylo, sadly. Which is a shame because I REALLY like his 'following in my grandads' footsteps thing.

          Loved the film, think a few minor changes would have pushed it over the top.

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            Yeah, they should have left Kylo as a mystery, they just seem a bit less than intimidating without the modulation. (Why am I imagining them with Rick Moranis' voice?)

            They also didn't end the film at the best of points. I would have cut to credits after the completion of the holo-map and saved the meeting with Luke for the next film.

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    I am so mad, this is so GOOD. Even days later

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      Haha thank you! I got a lot of looks in the theatre XD BUT I DONT CARE. Going to wear it AGAIN for the next film lol

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    Way too cool! You rarely see Gungan characters anymore. This is done really well for a quick costume head. Good job!

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      Thanks! I fucking LOVE gungans. Like, not jarjar, because hes an idiot, but I really like the potential for their culture. I love alien tech that is biological vs. technological.