Artistic process, a stream sectional by Artslave

Artistic process, a stream sectional


21 November 2015 at 05:55:59 MST

A sectional of six(?) streams I've done working on this head. It's my second time working on anything vermin/notvermin-y. I've done a rat or two, but only ever did a gopher before, and that was years and years ago. So I figured I would show off my process for how I go about shit- PS yes I actually refoam almost every head I make.

My process works something like this

Step 1: Foam head. This doesn't look right. What did I do wrong?

Step 2: Fur head about halfway and realize it looks REALLY bad, okay so what to fix it, fuck it Strips off all fur on head

Step 2.5: Not pictured. Drinking. Lots of drinking. And crying. Crying all over pictures of otters like an old French Noir film.

Step 3: Refoam head after consulting references and potentially other artists.

Step 4: REfur: Okay it still looks weird but it always looks weird at this stage, its looking better

Step 5: Oh okay wow yes this looks much more like an otter now. Hooray for me! I DID THE THING. Now to never be happy with the level of finishing that goes into this!

Step 6: Finished product, will be up soon. Gotta buy more airbrush removal fluid today cause I'm out apparently.

Just a friendly reminder not to interrupt your artists artistic process! Imagine if this otter had started nitpicking tiny stuff like spots or markings while I was on stage 2- he'd end up with something way less aestetically pleasing than how it's going to look right now! Tiny shit don't matter until it's almost done! Let your artists work through their process so you get what you deserve!

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    I'm learning about this myself. "No, those eyebrows should be bigger," "Maybe the neck shouldn't be built until I've got the body to integrate this with," and "maybe I should build up that nose."

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    There needs to be more rats. >=3